In-store pickup for thrift and vintage stores

Sell secondhand fashion locally with ease. Upload items, manage donations and customers without hassle.

We help thrift and vintage sellers reach more customers

Sell to customers from their couch

Got slow foot traffic but high Google Maps search volume?  Show your selection and allow people to shop before they visit your store.

Selection + Price + Audience = Purchase

Upload individual items in seconds

No more tedious data entry. Simply take a photo or video and add a price.

Automate your online presence

Get a landing page website for free
Be featured in our online directory
Set store hours and donation hours
Create order online and in-store pickup
Manage your catalogue
Post updates to shoppers/donaters

Here's the best part:
We crosslist locally

Every listing you create on your catalogue, it will be posted across Karma Trade. If you'd like, we can crosslist to local Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist on your behalf automatically so you can get more exposure

Take it a step further:
Become a Swap Shop

Download Guide
Get high quality inventory
Offer KARMA for donations/trade-ins. Accept item offers ahead of time. We will issue you KARMA to get started
(aka. free stuff)
Sell items for KARMA
Turn your donaters into shoppers. Allow people to shuffle their wardrobe with you so they can experience of endless fashion.
Choose your profit margins
When customers buy with KARMA, you can charge them a flat rate Swap Fee per item of your choice. Or create a monthly membership so people can swap endlessly.
Build a circular economy
Help people exchange their goods locally with you. KARMA can be spent at any Swap Shop, allowing you to attract Traders from our network.

We opened a secondhand store as a Swap Shop

Karma Trade started as a brick n' mortar Swap Shop in Urbana-Champaign, IL. We circulated 30K clothing items and $280K worth of KARMA between 1,300 people in 1 year. It gave us the inspiration to turn this global.

Mona Fang, Co-Founder & CEO, Karma Trade
people in Urbana-Champaign, IL
(50K population) know about our store from word of mouth
Average Customer Lifetime value across 6 months of swapping with us

Mahomet Greener Goods

"This happened in the shop today: account opened, 22 karma given (TWOSDAY promo, no clothing swapped in at this time) & swapped out for two dresses (a mini Boden + a NWT Easter dress). Total cost was 20 karma + $7 swap fee."

Tara Allen, owner, Mahomet Greener Goods
Gross profits per item

Become a Swap Shop

Help us create a future without mass production and waste.
We'll reach out and give you KARMA to start swapping