Est. 2020

Your Shared Closet

Overview + Mission

Karma Trade is a zero waste clothing swap service with a shared closet concept.
Our mission is to make the fashion industry a closed loop system through redistribution and upcycling.

Karma Trade Impact

It takes a lot to make a new item - this includes precious natural resources and hours of human labor.

Clothing swaps reduce textile production, manufacturing and waste.

216,217 Bathtubs of H2O Saved

4,806 Clothing Items Rescued

19,224 lb of CO2 prevented


Mona Fang

CEO + Co-Founder

Mona is our CEO and co-founder. She created this company when she was frustrated trying to sell her old clothes and learned about unsustainable fast fashion practices. Mona loves learning about aerospace engineering as an undergraduate student at UIUC and practicing yoga in her free time.



Brandon Rice

CTO + Co-Founder

Brandon is our CTO and co-founder, he design and builds the technology to keep us efficent and competitive. He Believes the best way forward is for humans to be ore collaborative and intentional and strives to ssupport that future.



Jacob Dilley

Retail Operations Manager

Jacob is our Retail Operations Manager, he keeps our physical space running smoothly and most likely makes your swaps happen. He is passionate about our planet, our heart's and our livelyhood's doing what he can to improve both.

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