The circular fashion system of the future.

Fashion should be democratized.

We believe fashion has the power to inspire individuals and communities.
To make experiencing your favorite styles more accessible than ever before, we’ve reimagined fashion: a world in which you can wear whatever you want, no matter your wealth or social status, made possible by technology that acts as a communal connective tool. Our currency, KARMA, is the fuel for this new fashion culture.

Produce less, waste less, and experience more with KARMA.

What is KARMA?

Our system helps to solve the fashion waste crisis.


The average garment is worn only 7 times before it is discarded, and 1 in 2 people throw their used clothes straight in the trash.

73% of apparel is sent to landfill or burned, 95% of which could be reused or recycled.*

It is no secret that linear fast fashion consumption is killing our planet.

The key to breaking free is creating a circular economy where garments and textiles are given an infinite lifespan.

With KARMA, this becomes possible.

Producing one new garment takes ~45 bathtubs of water and emits 17 lbs of CO2e.

Over 100B new garments are produced each year, more than half of which are disposed of in the same year.*

Existing second-hand fashion systems are outdated.

Your current options for second-hand fashion are as follows.

100% Circular

Has the latest trends & styles

Likely that items find a new home

Incentives for selling/donating




Online Resale 


Donation Thrift


Karma Trade


Donation Thrift

It’s likely your donated items will accumulate at the donation facilities and never find a new home. On average, 90% of inventory goes unsold at donation-based resale stores*.


Online Resale Marketplaces

It’s a challenge to get equal value for your items. The process of selling items is long and transactional, and USD payouts for your items are typically unjustifiably low.



It's limited to the wealthy. You might break the bank before you build your wardrobe.


With KARMA, swapping is possible, enabling anyone to cycle their closet endlessly, circularly, and affordably without compromising on style.

*Data sourced from ThredUp 2021 Industry Resale Report and other references available here.

Our Impact

404,835 lbs of CO2e prevented
252,067 Bathtubs of H20 saved
28,661 Clothing Items rescued

View our full 2021 impact report here

Mona Fang founded Karma Trade to make closets flexible. The idea was born in high school as a result of her frustration with selling second-hand clothes online. She wanted to build a minimal closet that 'felt like her,' but current linear economy systems make it difficult to do that.

"As a young person, you are discovering who you are. As a young person myself, I want to experience an abundance of new styles on a low budget. That's what's fun. Wear the cool new things on repeat.

Every day we are learning something new about ourselves and changing. Lifestyles change and so should wardrobes. You can't find joy in wearing an item forever similar to how you aren't the same person forever."


The Vision

We aim to inspire a new culture of circular fashion.

Our Team


Brandon Rice



Jasper Nord

Head of Upcycling


Mona Fang



Nolan Nemeroff

Creative Director


Josh Jay James, J³



Ellerie Ambrose

Head of Retail

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Founded in 2019

The idea was born in a high school classroom.

The Life of Karma

Fall 2019

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Collected 500 second-hand clothing items; rented a small basement to store items and begin operating

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Spring 2020

Fall 2020

Blank 2560 x 1440 copy 6 (4).png

Flagship brick & mortar swap shop opens

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Summer 2020

Launched a series of local swap events; placed 3rd in the Illinois Impact Incubator

Joined iVenture Accelerator's 6th cohort; generated revenue from swap model for the first time

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Spring 2021

Debuted user accounts; featured on Amazon Prime documentary "The College Tour"

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Fall 2021

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Reached 1,000 users and 20,000 items swapped; formed first upcycling partnerships

Join us in forging the future.