How To Share your Closet

Brandon Rice
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First-time Karma Trade user? Is it that time of the week? You're looking at your closet and thinking: "I really need some new clothes." Let's face it - your clothes don't feel like you anymore.

Here's the good news: Karma Trade will give you equal value store credit for your clothes. That means, if we price an item at $10, you will get $10 of Karma (10K). 

How is this possible? We maintain a shared closet where everyone can swap and shop for new and unique styles.

The shared closet allows you to not just pull styles from your closet but from your friend's closet and the closets of people in your community.

Karma Trade helps facilitate the swap by allowing you to swap in your clothes. and shop for other community-sourced clothes at a huge discount. We use platform-based pricing where we charge you only when you shop. If you have Karma, everything is $2 each.

Our goal is to successfully add you to our shared closet making it easier for us to circulate clothes and reduce waste and direct to landfill fast fashion habits.

The best part is: we take all apparel types - even ones that are slightly damaged. So, bring in your shoes, your dresses, your necklaces - everything!

Three simple steps to start collecting Karma:

  1. Gather your clothes
  2. Bring them to our store
  3. Wait 10-30 minutes (depending on how many items you're bringing in) and shop while we evaluate your garments

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