Service Fee Break Down

Brandon Rice
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"I have to pay?" Yes, you do - but not much.

Karma Trade was created to introduce the concept of a circular economy. Instead of having to buy things, you can swap for them instead. All we ask for is a $2.00 service fee in-store and a $5.00 service fee online. 

Here's an example of how that works:

Sally brings in a sweater and we price it at $10. She receives $10 of store credit that we call Karma Points. Then, she finds herself a nice pair of jeans at $10. 


Swap In: 10 Karma Points

Swap Out: 10 Karma Points

Number of Garments: 1

In-store Service Fee: $2.00 x 1 item = $2.00 + tax

Online Service Fee: $5.00 x 1 item = $5.00 + tax + shipping


Sally just saved a lot of money. She can fuel her fashion lifestyle without breaking the bank - leaving her the funds to do more. And you can to.

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